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The quaranZine is a free digital community-organized webzine built around the idea of bringing people together through art during the 2020 covid-19 pandemic. Feel free to explore - you never know what you might discover.

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Comic by Audrey Lefebvre

comic by Audrey Lefebvre

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untitled by Abby Klinkenburg

The last brown bag dropped with a thud on the marble countertop. She suddenly let out a breath that she had only then realized she’d been holding in, and stepped back to survey the distorted line of groceries in front of her before looking down at her latex-gloved hands. She’d always hated the chalk inside them that would linger in her palm lines and under her nails, accompanied by that sickly chemical smell. She’d felt much more comfortable when they were merely used as makeshift balloons whose bloated fingers would always fascinate and placate her angsty toddlers.

The dog came up to her left side, silently pleading for attention with his suppliant brown eyes. Since the quarantine started, he’d been getting spoiled—perhaps the sole soul pleased with the whole ordeal. She reached down to give him a scratch between the ears and wondered if the thin rubbery layer between them bothered the pup as much as it bothered her. The sensory disconnect was unsettling; expecting to feel the thick shag of his golden coat, she only registered a sterilized shadow of warmth. So many particularities had been stamped out of life these days, replaced by ill-fitting abstractions. With a furrowed brow, she removed the glove with a powdery snap and reached down again. The dog let out a sigh of satisfaction and she liked knowing that he, too, felt the difference. continue reading...

untitled by Leo Rain (no pronoun)

Credits: Gaye Su Akyol's İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir (2018)
and Nobuhiko Obayashi's House (1977)

Entering the Void

Entering the Void by Julia Green

Entrapped Liberation

Entrapped Liberation by Jane Kim

Lollicovid by Karter Fantek

[The story ends like this:
We broke up on day 9 of the quarantine.
We had a distance, kilometers, thousands of.
In two countries.]

Could I be any more dramatic,
than breaking up in a quarantine.
During a pandemic.

[I am very sad these days,
I miss you.
I read articles about grief,
I have a double grief right now,
They say that we are all grieving
I’m grieving your goodnight texts,
your jokes,
Will I even date a comedian again?
I’m grieving the details.]

continue reading...

Another Time

Another Time by /\/\/\/

Only Roof High Enough is the Sky
Twelve months or years - the
span for tenderness unknown.
Yield to sins and grow.

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Mini-Zine by Ellen Young

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They say smile

They say "smile
and the world smiles with you"
as time goes slowly by,
I realise the opposite's also true.

It's like the life's

It's like the life's
been sucked out of the room.
Sick of the same stale air,
dying to breathe anew.

If the trees could hear us.

If the trees could hear us.
If we could see them.
When they bud and blossom
I'm always the first to notice.
This year, I fear.
I may not notice them at all.

La beauté est dans la <<Room>>
by Monique and Kai Woolen-Lewis

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A Little bit of Good News by Hani Portner

Adrift “Adrift”, oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 70 x 50 cm.

Voyager 2 “Voyager 2”, oil and acrylic on canvas, 50 x 40 cm.

by Hannah Peterson

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- the artists, for their submissions
- mags clarend, for concept and organization
- bella ruhl, for graphics and web design
- jane kim, for design input and promotion
- sadie clarend, for digital resources
- michael kearney, for tech support
- karine story, for testing and feedback
Painting by Audrey Lefebvre

Painting by Audrey Lefebvre

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Hjerterom_ by Rasmus Stride

Inspired by the intimacy of looking and the gaze of lovers, the virtual reality experience lets the audience dive into an experience of emotions and body. Love gazing within a digital realm. What is in a gaze? More than words can convey. It is not a secret that we change when we fall in love. The body language of lovers is extreme. Staring into someone's eyes, only centimetres apart. That is really uncomfortable to do with people you are not intimate with. Worlds connect, emotions collide in colors and sounds. Immersive and intimate, the eyes of love.

Experience Hjerterom_

01. Stuck

Stuck by Asparagus plumosa

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Dizengoff Square ©Sabrina Fenske, Dizengoff Square. Hand printed with foam on cardboard, Screen Printing Ink in Black and White, 21 x 29,7 cm.

Judaean Desert ©Sabrina Fenske, Judaean Desert. Hand printed with foam on cardboard, Screen Printing Ink in Copper, 21 x 30 cm.

Otherwise April by Sabrina Fenske

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Staying Hidden

Staying Hidden by Julia Green

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Spicy Green

Spicy Green by Sadie Winter

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Wait for Me in the Forest by Shav McKay

Charlie stepped off the path and crouched on the slope leading down to the lake. She pulled her mask down so that it hung around her neck. For a long time she hadn’t worn one, but then one day she was in line for the supermarket and a guy who wasn’t wearing a mask coughed. Did you just cough, the woman behind him had asked. He said something about allergies and apologised, but then the big, beefy guy in front of him swung around and shouted, he did, he did it right on my shoulder. Someone else joined in, saying, were you raised in a barn, or something to that respect. You’ll kill us all, another voice added. Then they surrounded him. Between the bodies Charlie caught a glimpse of his expression, contorted with horror as sun-starved, masked faces descended upon him. No, no, no, he cried, cowering, as Charlie quietly skipped past the commotion to the front of the line. The security guard pretended not to see, twirling the spray bottle of disinfectant around his gloved finger like a pistol, whistling. continue reading...

Social Dis Tancing by Hani Portner

All This Space

All this Space by Charlotte Bastam

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drawing by Sadie Winter

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Fliehende Spazierende by Gerrit Kuge

Ich möchte gerne schreiben, über heute, meinen Spaziergang. Es war viertel nach vier, Mitte April, es hatte stark geschneit, in großen Flocken, von denen keine einzige eine Flocke blieb, sobald sie auf den Boden, das Auto, oder ein Heckenblatt trafen. Ich hatte im Geheimen gehofft, dass wenigstens eine dünne, scheue Schicht liegen bleibt. Warum? Keine Ahnung. Ich habe nicht einmal daran gedacht, dass ich Spuren in den Schnee machen könnte. Schwarze Spuren, in den hellgrauen Schnee, durch den man noch immer den Asphalt sehen kann. Nein, ich glaube wenn dann, dann muss es ein niederer Wunsch gewesen sein. Vielleicht wollte ich einfach auf Kosten all derer, die draußen arbeiten müssen etwas besonderes sehen. Ein plötzlicher Kälteeinbruch. Nun gut. Später schien die Sonne, da war ich auch nicht dagegen. Bei solchem Wetter formieren sich Licht und Schatten zu einem großen Schauspiel am Himmel. Ich ging also den Schotterweg entlang und hatte neben den Stoffschuhen, in die ich meine Füße gestreckt hatte auch noch mindestens den Himmel zu beobachten. continue reading...

Stay Home by Hani Portner



I stumble upon my own face
While tracing the space of my gaze
To sort what’s hard to be sorted

Indefinite or indistinct in nature or character:
A vague premonition of disaster.
My dictionary – a sudden forecaster

Anything I wrapped around
My head, my brain, my hands

I’m recalling facts and factoids
Not definitely established, determined, confirmed, or known;
Uncertain: A vague rumour

Seems to be the only certainty these days

Vague feels my body on the bed
Vague is the future in my head
A vague stare, a vague threat
Yet we remain

Inside and in a vague hope

by Annika Gralke

Quarantine by Studio Mimik

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The Endless Schabbos

The Endless Schabbos by Gal Schkolnik (they)

gusano by anonymous

“Its okay to not be productive during the quarantine. You can
allow yourself to just be”
What does it mean, “to just be”?
Significa ser un gusano moviéndose lentamente en la luz.
Significa que no importa verme bonita o producir mucho. Solo im-
porta la luz entrando por el balcón y yo que soy un gusano y me
muevo despacito y aprendo a reconocer el canto de los pájaros.

Significa que puedo observar de cerca todo lo que ocurre dentro
de mí
You dont have to fix it
Simplemente observar lo que ocurre
Agradecimiento, ansiedad, enfado, tristeza, duelo
Solo observar lo que ocurre y moverme como un gusano en la luz
No hay que ir a ningún sitio ni arreglar nada en mí
Solo observar y sentir.
Respirar, alimentarme.
Eso significa “simplemente ser”

The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor



Punk Rock Potato

Punk Rock Potato

by Harvey Rabbit

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02. Adjusting

Adjusting by Asparagus plumosa

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Quarantined, Durham, February 2018 by Giselle Bernard

Scent of paper on my skin
Snow falling outside, whirling, like I don’t have a fever
The scent of daffodils,
Almost flowery, failing to conceal the chill earth that bore them
Are you gone for good now?
And without a word
Don’t pity me, I wouldn’t be the first
To drink another case
And still, be on my feet
And still, be.

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untitled by Linda M. Rák

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