Hjerterom_ by Rasmus Stride

Inspired by the intimacy of looking and the gaze of lovers, the virtual reality experience lets the audience dive into an experience of emotions and body. Love gazing within a digital realm. What is in a gaze? More than words can convey. It is not a secret that we change when we fall in love. The body language of lovers is extreme. Staring into someone's eyes, only centimetres apart. That is really uncomfortable to do with people you are not intimate with. Worlds connect emotions collide in colors and sounds. Immersive and intimate, the eyes of love.

Hjerterom_ Hjerterom_ Hjerterom_ Hjerterom_

Credits: Music by Jamaica Suk - Panoramance https://subtl1.bandcamp.com/track/panoramance
Jonas Johansson, Owen Hindley and the great big internet.

Rasmus Stride
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