Lollicovid by Karter Fantek

[The story ends like this:
We broke up on day 9 of the quarantine.
We had a distance, kilometers, thousands of.
In two countries.]

Could I be any more dramatic,
than breaking up in a quarantine.
During a pandemic.

[I am very sad these days,
I miss you.
I read articles about grief,
I have a double grief right now,
They say that we are all grieving
I’m grieving your goodnight texts,
your jokes,
Will I even date a comedian again?
I’m grieving the details.]

I walk around the house,
Eat lollipops,
Dream of kissing you again


I cry totally enraged
because of whoever will be kissing you
instead of me
I’m a teenager at 28,
I fall asleep to Placebo,
I can’t go out,
can’t see my friends,
can’t sadly and unsuccessfully
flirt at parties,
can’t cry like a baby
outside of a bar.

I can’t.
Covid is so much like a breakup.

[I could, haha, call our breakup
The Covid, should I text you that.
Would you still think I’m funny.]

Things will eventually get better,
But they will never
The same.

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